About Me

Hi there!

I’m Josefine, a 21 year old soon-to-be uni student living just outside Copenhagen. Science nerd. Tea addict.

A few of my favourite things are rainy autumn days, tomatoes in the summer, long runs around the lake, the colour yellow, well-written books and eating cake batter straight from the bowl.

In a few weeks I’ll move to my favourite city, Copenhagen, and start a normal life again after a year of traveling, tons of ballet and contemporary dance and a folk high school. Meanwhile I’ll kill the time in the kitchen cooking up a storm and shooting as many photos as possible.

If you’ve got any questions or just want to say hi, send me an email. Just click on Contact above.


The Food Philosophy

This blog is where I share my love for healthy vegetarian food. I believe eating healthy means loads of vegetables, legumes, fruit and whole grains. I like eating as whole foods-y and plant based as possible, and do that 95% of the time. I do however also love ice cream, cheese and wheat bread and believe fanaticism is the root of all evil. At least for me. I try my best to make this blog mimic my food life, and you will therefore find loads of salads, vego dinners, healthy cakes (because I love a little challenge and seeing people’s faces, when they find out) but from from time to time maybe some butter-y scones.

Many of my recipes are either gluten free or vegan or both, or can easily be adapted. Again, because I love a little challenge. Plus this way, everybody can eat them, and that makes me happy.

Lastly, I can’t stomach eggs (unfortunately). Therefore no quiches, fried eggs or eggy pancakes on this blog, sorry.

The Name

– Originally I wanted to incorporate my name, but let’s be real, that only works with nice short names. Like Renee Kemps. Or Izy Hossack. Not Josefine Meineche. Seriously… I can never be anything artsy with that name. BUT Fig is my name. Almost literally. How? Well it’s a bit far-fetched but… The Danish world for fig is “figne”, which is pronounced the exact same way as “Fine” – a very common nick name for girls named Josefine. Danes tend to think it’s hilarious that I love figs, because it’s my nickname. And I’ve always felt oddly connected to figs because we share the same name. My name sake is a fruit. Hehe
– I also wanted the name to symbolise wholesome, vegetarian food – hence “sprouted”. And I do love sprouts.
– Also when something is sprouting it is growing, living… I liked that symbolism
– Aaaaand, I thought it would be funny because you can’t sprout a fig. Oh, I’m so witty…