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March 29, 2014

All natural Ricotta Cheesecake || The Smoothie Lover

It is funny to think about how weird you act when you are around your best friends. How you do things you’d never do in front of anyone else. Three of my best friends and I are seriously crazy when we are together. I wonder why we haven’t been put in a mental hospital yet. But not only do we do strange things – we also pretty much don’t give a f*ck about what we look like. Those two things are things you can definitely only do with best friends. Just before I went to Barcelona those 3 girls and I met and had a wonderful night. It had been a very busy week and we were all incredibly tired, so the conversation just before we actually met pretty much went like “girls, I’m incredibly ugly today”, “can I come wearing sweat pants?”, “I really don’t want to get out of my hoodie”, “I don’t wanna come if I have to take off my pajama”, “you have to look at ugly me the entire night”. The great thing is, that nobody cared at all. With best friends you can do anything you want and look the way want. And people won’t judge you at all. I love that!

I baked this cheese cake for that night and it was a big hit. Oh, here’s another thing you can only do with best friends: eat a whole cake without cutting it out. We just took four teaspoons and ate right off the cake dish. And yes, half of us were sick. And no, we didn’t care. I mean, we almost share water bottles anyway ;)

All natural Ricotta Cheese Cake || The Smoothie Lover

A whole cake, you think… Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit. Just four fifths. That is still a lot. But with this cake it actually almost doesn’t matter. It is made with ricotta cheese which is relatively low in fat (around 12%, which is like light cream cheese – but without the funny ingredients) and high in protein; 7,6 grams per 100 grams. One fourth of the cake is low fat greek yoghurt and the crust is made from wholewheat olive oil based graham crackers and all bran.

Ps. Sorry for the terrible photos…


Ricotta Cheesecake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This delicious cheese cake is naturally lower in fat because of the ricotta cheese and yoghurt. You can taste that this is a ricotta cheese cake and not a usual cheese cake, but if you like ricotta, that really doesn't matter.
Serves: 8
  • ½ cup (120mL) grahamcracker crumbs*
  • ½ cup (120 mL) bran cereal**
  • 2 tbsp. organic butter or coconut oil
  • 1 cup (240mL) ricotta cheese
  • ½ cup (120mL) low fat greek yoghurt
  • ½ cup (120mL) honey
  • Beans from one vanilla pod
  • 2 organic eggs
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C /
  2. Start by making the crust: Place graham cracker crumbs and all bran in a food processor and pulse for five seconds. Add in the butter/ coconut oil and pulse to combine. Press the dough out into a 8-inch spring form.
  3. In a bowl mix together ricotta cheese, greek yogurt, honey and vanilla beans. Add in the eggs.
  4. Pour the cheese mixture over the crust and bake for 1 hour.
  5. Allow to cool outside the oven. Then transfer to the fridge and let cool for at least two hours.
  6. Top with any berries you'd like.
* I used some naturally sweetened olive oil based graham crackers
** I used all bran, but since I'm not a big fan of pre made cereals, I'd like to try with oat bran instead.


5 responses to “Ricotta Cheesecake”

  1. I love those sweatpants kind of night with friends, they’re pretty much the best thing ever! BUT I have never tried eating a whole cheesecake with a spoon with my friends *gasp* and it needs to happen like NOW. Funny thing we did have some cheesecake yesterday night, but it was cut into pieces :”(
    Also, your pictures are great girrrrl. And I love how you used ricotta instead of cream cheese, that’s brilliant! I usually go for cottage cheese, but I’ll try the ricotta next!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! <3

  2. I’ve had ricotta cheese cake before and it’s DELICIOUS!! So yummmy! Def a different taste than regular cheesecake… but still sooo good! And sounds like you had a blast with your friends! :) Hope you have a great rest of your day!

  3. Sounds like the perfect group of friends you have there :) And dont be silly – your pictures are lovely, this cheesecake is jumping out off the screen begging me to get up and bake my own! I bet it tastes amazing :)

  4. Omg yum! I love ricotta and blueberries together :) The photos aren’t terrible this cake looks delicious as always xx

  5. Jess says:

    I absolutely love ricotta fruit cheesecakes- so creamy! Definitely will have to try your amazing recipe :)

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