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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great new years eve.

With Christmas over I’m finally able to share what I made for presents this  last year. I always give homemade christmas presents to my grandmother and my mom and dad. It is kind of a tradition. This year I also made presents for 4 of my friends. Three of these presents were a surplice and I had a lot of fun sneaking the presents into their bags and homes without them noticing.

I hope these gifts can give you some inspiration for future presents.

Harry Potter mix

Ok, this gift is very nerdy, I know. But that is ok since we are talking Harry Potter, isn’t it? Haha. Two of my great friends love the Harry Potter stories as much as I do and I had been wanting to make something Harry Potter-like for a some time (just because I’m a huge fan and nerd), so I thought why not give them a Harry Potter inspired gift.

I made three small gifts:

Great gift idea! A Harry Potter inspired package. Cup with The Grimm, a jar of U-No-Poo and a golden snitch. - The Smoothie Lover


Ballet shoe cookies

My good friend Marie loves ballet as I do. I just wanted to give her a little thing and then I remembered this picture I once saw on Pinterest of some incredibly cute cookies. Inspired by this post.

Ballerina shoe cookies - The Smoothie Lover


Homemade herbed salts and sugars

For my grandmother who loves cooking (I think I’ve gotten the love for cooking from her). I made tree small jars of salt and sugar

Easy peasy gift.

Great gift idea! Homemade herbed salts Great gift idea! Homemade herbed salts


Hot chocolate on a stick

This one was tricky; I was to make a gift for my friend, that didn’t cost anything. I ended up giving her 8 of these sticks and a tea cup (which I already had on hand) which I wrote on with a sharpie and then burned in the oven. A good and cheap gift idea.

Hot chocolate on a stick. Great gift idea! Hot chocolate on a stick. Great gift idea!

Did you make your own presents? And what did you make?


Looking forward to tomorrow where I have a recipe on healthy truffles to share.

10 responses to “Homemade Presents”

  1. You are honestly the most creative person ever! These gifts are incredible! I especially love the Harry Potter gifts… I’m a HP nerd too:)

  2. tohercore says:

    You are so clever, these all look so amazing! I made some homemade granola and chai tea mix… You’ve inspired me to be a little more creative next year though! :)

  3. Rebecca says:

    Årh hvor er de fine! Specielt Harry Potter gaverne er overdrevede!!!

  4. Hi, can you please please please do a tutorial on the Grimm teacup? Pretty please?? :D

    • Haha, I’d love to. Unfortunately I haven’t got any pictures of the procedure, but here is how to do:
      You’ll need a cup and a pencil for painting on porcelain (ask in our local craft store).
      Simply just paint The Grimm and write on the saucer. In order to make the ink last I had to bake the porcelain in the oven on 200°C/ 390°F for half an hour. But that differs from pencil to pencil :)

  5. Alicia says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Grimm tea cup (been thinking about making one myself, but have not yet found the right cup) and the snitch truffle! So creative!

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