Sprouted Fig (The Smoothie Lover)
September 17, 2013

Hi! Welcome the my little corner of the web.

I’m Josefine, a 18 19-year-old foodie, photo-freak & (former) high school student (read about my sabbat year here) living just outside Copenhagen. Here I bike around on my bike wearing big sweaters (because Scandinavia, that’s why) to and from friends, school, work, dance lessons, runs & musical practice.

I absolutely love rainy autumn days, long runs around the lakes, quiet mornings, travelling, music (music is my drug – it can make me cry and scream from joy – seriously), the color yellow & snuggling under warm blankets wearing knitted socks with a good book and buckets full of tea – oh, and chocolate… Yes, definitely chocolate.

PLAYLIST (just because)

When I’m not on the run there’s a 110% chance to find me in kitchen trying all new kinds of food, creating healthy, yummy dishes & eating cake batter straight from the bowl.

I think that pretty much sums me up (;


So, why “The Smoothie Lover”.

Well, I’ve got absolutely no idea (don’t ever start a blog at the age of 15! Okay, kidding, but seriously that name is terrible). I only hope to one day find a better name. But I do loooove smoothies.

The food-philosophy 
This blog is dedicated to healthy, vegetarian dishes. I love eating healthy. Not because I want to lose weight or anything like that. Simply just because I think healthy dishes are the tastiest and I can really feel how eating healthy gives me so much energy.
I am a pesco vegetarian (a vegetarian who eats fish, eggs and dairy). I do not want to cut out meat because of health-issues. I just don’t like the way it is produced, I don’t like to kill another living creature just for the sake of being full for maybe 5 hours, and I often feel bloated after eating meat.
But most important: I believe natural and fresh food is the best. I don’t like the idea of highly processed foods and never touch stuff like wine-gums, prepackaged food or cake mixes.
My recipes never contain refined sugar, are almost always whole wheat (because I like it that way) and low in saturated fat.
I love experimenting with vegan and paleo foods, but I could never go either vegan or paleo. Vegan – because I could never give up dairy, since I absolutely love it and really need the calcium. Paleo – because I’m not that a big fan of meat + I’m totally allergic to eggs. Anyway – you can still have the amazingly delicious dishes both diets offer.
Ps. A comment or a mail always makes me happy!