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November 11, 2013

Healthy Cinnamon Truffles. A perfect healthy Christmas snack. #vegan #christmas

Today it suddenly occurred to me how close December is. 19 days to be exact. Wow, how time flies.

I’m one of those persons who love, love, love Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Everything about Christmas is just perfect. Well, except that the food isn’t exactly healthy. But we can fix that! I’m working in a couple of recipes on healthy christmas foods. Yum!

Healthy Cinnamon Truffles. A perfect healthy Christmas snack. #vegan #christmas

I think the best “candy” you can ever have is dried fruits and nuts (and dark chocolate). I don’t like the thought of all the artificial ingredients in store bought candy. Ugh. Therefor I almost always make my own treats for “Friday-candy” or other occasions where you get sweets.

This time I’ve made a new kind of treats. I know they look like these healthy oatmeal bites, but they are nothing like them. I was just “stupid” and rolled the oatmeal-ones in cocoa. They didn’t need that. These truffles, however, definitely need the cocoa. Well, they taste good without the cocoa, but is really adds a nice touch. And cocoa is an antioxidant! (source)

Healthy Cinnamon Truffles. A perfect healthy Christmas snack. #vegan #christmas

So instead of the usual christmas sweets grape truffles or two (or five, if you are like me). They are so good! I promise.

Healthy Cinnamon Truffles
Prep time
Total time
Makes 20 truffles
  • 1 cup (2,5 dl) almonds
  • 1 cup (2,5 dl) dates, pitted
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • ⅛ tsp. black pepper (yes...)
  • Eventually ¼ tsp. cloves
  • 2 tbsp. orange juice
  • Cocoapowder for rolling
  1. Place the almonds, dates, cinnamon and pepper (and cloves) in a food processor and pulse until it resembles dough.
  2. Add in the orange juice and blend until the mixture stick together.
  3. Roll into balls and roll in cocoa powder.
  4. Store in a an airtight container for up to one week (eventually in the fridge)


15 responses to “Healthy Cinnamon Truffles”

  1. Elise Caira says:

    I love all your recipes I decided!

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  2. charlotte says:

    You know, you can store these indefinitely in the freezer – I make something similar.

  3. caileejoy says:

    Wow!! These look delicious!! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas break so that I can go home and cook!! You are an inspiration!! Thanks Josefine!

  4. These look so delicious and healthy! I love raw chocolate truffles and the cinnamon sounds like such a good idea! Can’t wait to try it :)

  5. consuelohoneyandfigs says:

    These look wonderful, Josefine! And I can’t get over how healthy they are as well. I’m so adding these babies to my list, I love them! x

  6. Easy recipe and looks yummy! I know I would eat more then I should!

  7. Manu says:

    These look delicious

  8. Fit Radiance says:

    I love healthy truffles! They’re so easy to make too. I’ve never tried cinnamon ones before though, they sound delicious :)

  9. Oh wow these look so yummy! I don’t think I would have called it that they’d be healthy. Bonus. :)

  10. These look completely addictive – YUM!

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