Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies

These cookies have grown to be my most prided recipe over the years. My signature cookie. It’s the recipe most people ask me for, the one I’ve made most times myself on the entire blog and by far the one with most reactions from you lovely readers. Thank you!
When I first created these 4 years ago, I had no idea they would become this popular.Actually I thought they were so weird, only I would like them. Luckily I was wrong. I am so happy so many people like these – they are super easy to make, super healthy and extremely delicious.
Go bake! You won’t regret it.
 Dark Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Avocado Cookies. The healthiest cookies in the world. No butter, no sugar, no grains. And you won't be able to tell! Gluten free.Dark Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Avocado Cookies. The healthiest cookies in the world. No butter, no sugar, no grains. And you won't be able to tell! Gluten free.
These cookies requires only 6 very simple ingredients:
  • Avocado for butter
  • Coconut sugar for sugar (NB! Some people have pointed out that coconut sugar is still sugar. I couldn’t agree more. It is however un-refined and therefore still contains all the vitamins and minerals, as opposed to white sugar, where everything but the sugar has been removed. Plus it’s lower in GI)
  • Eggs – see notes for vegan version.
  • Cocoa powder
  • Dark chocolate – make sure you use a good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content, if you don’t want to ruin the entire health-aspect
  • Baking soda
Dark Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Avocado Cookies. The healthiest cookies in the world. No butter, no sugar, no grains. And you won't be able to tell! Gluten free.
One thing: These aren’t like your average cookies. They are softer and airier and more cloud-like than others. And insanely fudgy!
For a brownie version of these cookies click here
Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 8 minutes

Yield: 10 cookies

NOTES - These cookies are absolutely best when completely cold. Storing them in the fridge over night makes them perfect - * Some people might like a bit more sweetener. I like my cookies bitter. - * Instead of coconut sugar you can use 1/2 cup of honey - * I recently made a batch of these using 1 banana instead of the coconut sugar. The result was great. If using banana instead I highly recommend making the cookies using the food processor method. - CALORIES: I do not usually count my calories for personal reasons, but one reader has calculated them for me: If you sub maple syrup for honey and add one tbsp. oat flour and make ten cookies each one has 75 calories


  • 100 g. (3/4 cup) avocado flesh (very ripe, but not brown)
  • ½ cup (120mL) coconut sugar (*SEE NOTES)
  • ½ cup (120mL) dark cocoa powder
  • 50 g. dark chocolate chunks (I used 85% cocoa)
  • ½ tsp. baking soda


  1. Preheat oven to 175°C / 350° F.
  2. In a bowl using a hand mixer, mix together avocado and coconut sugar until smooth. Add in the egg.
  3. Mix in the cocoa powder and baking soda - or better: blend everything together in a food processor, so easy.
  4. Stir in chocolate chunks.
  5. Using two spoons place dollops of cookie dough in a baking sheet with parchment paper. The cookie won't spread as much as usual cookies when baking, so make sure to flatten them out a bit with the back of the spoon.
  6. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until the cookies don't stick as much to the paper as they did before baking.
  7. Cool down. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.
Readers’ notes
– If using banana you might have to bake them for a little longer. Also, I recommend not using a big banana
– Readers have tried adding all different kinds of delicious add ins – try for instance mint, peanut butter cups, cocoa nibs etc.



These cookies can be made vegan by subbing the egg for a chia egg.

Method: In your coffee grinder, grind 1 tbsp. chia seeds until fine. Mix with 1/4 cup of water in a small bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes for it to turn into a gel. Use instead of the egg.


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592 thoughts on “Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies

  1. Avocado cookies have been on my list forever. I recently bought a couple of avocados in order to try to make them, but I haven’t got round to it now because I fear they might taste of avocado and I’m not the biggest fan of its flavour in baked goods. But if you say they’re good, I should try them, right?? I love how healthy they are and how chocolat-y they look :-)

    1. I promise – these don’t taste like avocados at all :-) And they are very very chocolate-y. I almost got enough of chocolate while eating them and I am a BIG choco-holic ;)

      1. Absolutely awesome cookies! I followed the recipe exactly and they seem to be too soft. Regardless, they taste incredible and my husband had no idea he was eating avocados….!

          1. Another sugar alternative is dextrose, pure glucose without the fructose. You can buy it fairly cheaply at brewer stores, and some supermarkets.

            It absorbs a bit more moisture, so you may need to increase wet ingredients a little, and you probably need to use half as much again in quantity, or even double quantity, of regular/coconut sugar, as its not as sweet, but not bitter like Stevia can be. Healthier for you though.
            I make choc avocado ice creams using coconut milk, rice malt syrup, organic cacau powder, vanilla extract, and tspn lemon juice – they go down well and are very chocolatety too.
            Another great coconut product to firm up cookies and use in place of flour, is coconut crunch. I use it in cheesecake bases and for topping savoury cauliflower cheese, with pumpkin seeds and walnuts, and coconut crunch instead of breadcrumbs. Bannaban has a great range of coconut products.

    1. Alicia or Josefine,

      Can you tell me/us the recipe for the coconut avo chocolate tart with a pecan, coconut and date crust?

      1. When a coconut palm is used for sugar, it cannot produce coconuts. The coconuts provide much better overall use from the trees. Once is tree is used for sugar, it will stop producing coconuts.

        1. That would only be true if the trees only produced one flower. Its true that the flower used for sugar production does not bear fruit, but the others may if the farmer chooses to let them do so. However, the farmer makes more money from sugar than coconuts.

        2. I agree, Debby. I found out about Coconut Sugar when I was on the website for Tropical Traditions. Before that I had purchased some. Took 6 months to use it & will never buy any more.
          So I use Xylitol and/or Stevia as a substitute.
          — But if others choose to use it that is their right. I’m just stating my opinion.

    1. Sorry but sugar is sugar! There is a molecule of fructose in every sugar molecule (google “Sucrose”). Fructose is bad for you. Fructose cannot be used by your cells so your liver gets stuck trying to get rid of it. It actually becomes a toxin to the liver. Really! Google – “Sugar the Bitter Truth”. Stevia is from a plant. I grow it in my garden. Unfortunately – cooking 100% with stevia is vetoed by my kids so I end up using some sugar.

      1. Hi Carol. I am so sorry but I do know that. I am a biotechnology student and I am perfectly aware of what sugar is. When I made this recipe, however, I was only 15 and didn’t know much about sugars yet. I have deleted what I first wrote about these cookies being sugar free. Unfortunately at that time the picture with the text “sugar free” had already gone viral.
        I am sorry. But thank you for telling me.

        1. I cheered at this reply. I use coconut sugar because of its low glycemic index. I’m aware its still sugar, but there are variances in sucrose-fructose content among natural sugars.

    1. The combination of coca or chocolate with stevia is not working so well (at least for me). Your cookies will have a bitter taste. What you can do if you want to use stevia is put half half with another sweetener.

  2. I cannot wait to try these. 100g equal to 1/2C or 1C? I’m finding conflicting results on Google ;-) Or is 1 Avocado a good measurement? Thank you!

    1. “Grams” is a weight measurement therefore 100g of feathers would be far more than 100g of rocks. That’s why you are finding conflicting “cup” measurements!

    1. Thank you Erica! I had been wanting to as well before making these, and I must say: I’m definitely not disappointed ;)

  3. Do you happen to have the conversions for grams? (If not, I’m sure to find them somewhere online!)
    These look yummers! Cannot wait to try it out!

  4. Use xylitol if you can’t find coconut sugar! Xylitol has better results compared to stevia.
    I love stevia in my beverages … Even whip up pumpkin cheesecake pudding:
    Ricotta cheese, pumpkin, stevia or agave, cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice

  5. Came across your recipe on Pinterest and just gave it a go. Oh my, they are delicious! I never thought about making cookies with avocado. I don’t use butter anymore, so haven’t made cookies in ages. These are definitely a new staple in our diet! Thanks so much for sharing it :-)

    Anyone wondering – strange as it seems, you can’t taste the avocado at all, it just adds a really nice texture. Also, the coconut sugar doesn’t actually taste like coconut, it’s really sweet and if anything it has a slight caramel flavor to it.

  6. If I was to substitute agave or maple syrup for the coconut sugar (my supermarket doesn’t sell it) how much would I need

    1. The batter would be too runny if you subbed all of the coconut sugar with agave. So I’d add half of the amount of coconut sugar. The cookies won’t be as sweet though.
      Well, I hevn’t tried subbing agave for the sugar. I’ll do that as soon as possible and I’ll write you back :)

          1. Banana is also a great substitute for eggs. Maybe a large (ripe) banana can work as a substitute for both sugar and egg.
            I’m gonna try it one of the next times I make some :)

  7. Just made these for a New Years gathering….although I don’t know they will make it until tonight….they are so delicious!!!! Thank you for creating such a healthy alternative cookie!!!

  8. Mine are just in the oven. I thought the avocado gave the batter a mild banana flavour, even my son tried a bit and said ooh chocolate banana cookies.

  9. I just made these today! I was skeptical at first because I’ve never omitted all flour in a baking recipe, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Boyfriend loves them- that’s how amazing they are. I did taste the avocado a bit in the first batch, so I added some organic peanut butter the second time around and they were delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  10. just made these and they are awesome! i was in a hurry and didn’t see coconut sugar at the store so i bought truvia baking blend and they are so good my two year old keeps bugging me for more. thanks for the recipe!

  11. Really really good!! I did use honey instead of
    coconut sugar and it tasted fantastic..tastes like a decadent and naughty chocolate cookie but love that its healthy. Helps control my sweet tooth ;-)

    1. Hi! When you made these and subbed the honey instead of coconut sugar, did you find the batter very very runny?

      I made these tonight and the flavor was delish but not sure what I did wrong. I used 1 small avocado, honey instead of sugar and everything else as directed.

      It was very runny more like a loose brownie batter so they didn’t actually form cookies, they all just ran together in a pan. i cooked for 12 minutes and it hadn’t firmed up so I had to pull them out because the edges were burning. the result was a very very loose, yummy flat brownie. i’d love to try again, any advice?

      1. Hm, no I actually didn’t. That sounds odd. Did you use a very runny honey? That might be it. I used a pretty solid one :)
        1 small avocado… Did it equal 3/4 cup? Otherwise try add a little more avocado.
        I hope this helps!

  12. I love these! I used honey because I didn’t have coconut sugar and the cocoa powder flavor was a bit strong for me so I added a couple tablespoons of stevia and they turned out great!

  13. I just make these. They’re very good; however, I would double the amount of coconut sugar as they tasted quite sweet (the dough) before they were cooked. Once cooked they weren’t sweet at all. Atleast not for our family. But still an amazing recipe! Who would have though you could make a ‘cookie’ without flour or butter. The Bakers brand 70% dark baking chocolate squares also were all I could find and they actually have a bit of sugar in them. Couldn’t find any without sugar, but I picked the one with the least, only 8 grams of sugar per 1/4 ounce. The recipe prepared as written equals 262 calories per cookie. That’s a lot of calories, personally, so if you are counting calories or trying to lose weight, these aren’t a diet treat. But they’re great if you’re not! Thanks and I really want to try these with the baking Stevia next time, which would greatly cut down on the calories and almost completely eliminate any kind of ‘sugar’.

  14. Okay, I know this is totally weird, but when I added the water and baking soda mixture my “batter” became a little too runny. So, being a bit of a microwave mini cake fiend I thought I would just nuke it for about 45 seconds with the chocolate chips. AND OMG IT WAS SO GOOD. I don’t know if you wanna try that, but adding perhaps a little more water into your batter and dividing it into little ramekins and then baking it might be a good idea. It came out as like a little lava cake. Really good! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  15. So so so good! I have been telling everyone to make these and having people try and guess the “secret ingredient.” No one can believe they are made with avocado!

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  17. Thank you so much Josefine! I found you Pinterest and have been wanting to try these for such a long time. We finally baked them this morning. These are fudgy and decadent. You made me a rock star in my home today with my four year olds. They loved – LOVED – loved how glossy, chocolatey and yummy these were (did you notice the were). Thank you so much Josefine. I featured you on our blog. Thank you, thank you. Anyone hedging on baking these, don’t give it a second thought.

  18. Hi Josefine! I’m from Argentina and I love reading your blog! So many great ideas! I’ll try this avocado cookies, they look great and probably taste better! Thank you so much for the recipe

    1. Hi Julia!I’m so happy you came cross my blog. Thank you for that lovely message.
      Argentina, wow. I really want to visit some time. From What I’ve heard it should be an amazing country. Anyway – I’m happy to have a reader from there ;)

  19. These are fabulous! I made them with 1/4 C Splenda, 1/8 C Brown Sugar Splenda Blend and 1/8 C coconut sugar, because I try to watch my sugar intake. You truly would NEVER know they are made with avocado. My friend said they reminded her of a creamy piece of fudge.

    1. Thank you so much Judy!
      Exactly – they are quite fudge like. I actually thigh the same just yesterday, when I had one.
      Nice to hear you can use that combination of sweeteners as well. I plan on updating the recipe with other sweetener choices.

  20. I have a 6 year old son with multiple disabilities. Autism, had a brain tumor removed when he was 20-21 months old, had seizures for while. Obviously some serious communication issues.

    The boy will not eat a vegetable. Can’t reason or bargain with him that well, unless it is with junk, because of the aforementioned communication issues.

    Have tried many, MANY, switcharoo recipes before, to sneak in any veggie into the boy, all epic fails. Until this one. Not only eats them…ASKS FOR THEM.

    That’s how good they are. And they don’t have an avacadoey taste, cause if they did? He’d junk them. He’s done it to every other thing like this. AWESOME recipe. Thanks very much for sharing.

  21. I just made these cookies and they are amazing! My family loved them! Can’t wait to make them again! Can you please give me the macros?

  22. Made these yesterday per the recipe and they are absolutely delicious. Shared with co-workers who love chocolate, they would have never guessed avocado was one of the ingredients. Thank you for a great recipe!

  23. I just made these today. Delicous! My son is allergic to dairy and we’re always happy to find new, healthy recipes for desserts. YUM. They’re so smooth and creamy.

  24. Hi these look fantastic. I’d love to be able to make them for my friend who has to eat vegan is there a substitution you could suggest for the egg? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much.
      Hm, I don’t know if it would work without eggs since these contain a lot of egg. I’ve never tried any egg-substitutions, so unfortunately I don’t know if that would work. But you could try :D
      I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you a better answer.

      1. You could try using a chia egg (1Tbsp. Chia Seeds mixed with 3 Tbsp. Water). Mix and wait 15-30mins to allow the water to absorb.

  25. These are amazing!!!! So easy to make and taste like brownie :) Loooove them! Have you tried many peanut butter type creations? I love peanut butter and am always looking for new healthy treats

  26. I cannot wait to try this recipe! But, how many avocados will I need? I do not have a food scale and I don’t know what 100g of avocado would look like. I will appreciate your response to this because I’m excited to prepare this!

  27. How many cookies does this make? It says serves 10 – but not how many cookies per serving. Also – do you know how many calories each cookie is? Thanks.

  28. Josefine, thanks for this great recipe! I don’t like coconut so I used maple syrup for half and blue agave syrup for the other half (I split the recipe) and both were very well-received indeed! Unbelievably delicious. I’m so glad to have a recipe for healthy cookies that I actually want to eat!

  29. I just made these cookies and they are amazing! I love dar chocolate! I was able to buy the coconut sugar at Walmart!

  30. I just made these yesterday and they are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Perfect!! Very yummy!!!!!! Thank you for the recipe. This one is a keeper!

  31. Thank you so much for this recipe! I found it through Pinterest, and have made it twice now (bringing a batch to a potluck tonight!). They’re delicious, me new favorite cookie recipe.

    For those wondering: I’ve cut the sugar amount in 1/2, and they’re still just as wonderful!

  32. Right now I am baking my regular oatmeal cookies with butter of course and a thought came thru my brain. I have been thinking of alternatives instead of the butter. I thought of sweet potato but I don’t think that it has much fat, so it donned on me that avocado has the texture and fat, went to the internet and found your website.. Thank you for sharing your ideas but I did not think it would be possible to make cookies with avocado and it is Thank you again.

      1. I was in the process of making them that day with the butter, so I did not have the avocados but next shopping trip, I will keep you posted.

          1. Well with the butter they came out great, a good soft cookie, I am hoping that the avocado will do the same plus make it a healthier treat.

          2. Well, I finally made the oatmeal cookies substituting the butter with the avocado. I tested them on my family despite the green color ( I don’t think they noticed) they left me one cookie out of the two times I made them. I used the Quaker Oats Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie recipe under the box top and just substituted the butter with the avocado. The cookies were soft and as the avocado broke down more in the dough in the refrigerator the better. I could have also used a lot more cinnamon spice, but other than that I made my healthy cookies.
            Thanks Smoothie Lover for the idea.

    1. Yes, you can use agave (and also coconut agave I think) – just add the same amount as honey :)
      And yes, they freeze. I don’t know for how long time though. When stored in the refrigerator they will last for 5 days.

  33. Lovely and unusual cookies. Very moist and chocolatey. I subbed the coconut sugar for thickish manukau honey, 1/3 cup and added a small amount of chopped mixed nuts, raisins and unsweetened desiccated coconut as I thought my mixture was too sloppy and baked them for about 12 minutes. For an egg substitute – I see someone was asking above – on other recipes I’ve seen unsweetened apple sauce used or mix flaxseed meal with water and let sit for 5 minutes before adding (1 tablespoon flaxseed meal & 2 tablespoons water for each egg). Thanks for the lovely recipe. Kim in Scotland, UK

      1. The manuka honey is expensive, but great for healing wounds, cuts, burns and abrasions. If you do a Google search you will find a wealth of information on the benefits of Manuka honey. If anyone buys any, be sure to make sure it is certified. You can eat it or use it as a first aid ointment.

      2. I spelled it wrong! It’s Manuka honey as Judy says. Yes it’s expensive but worth it. I recently healed a cut cuticle with it that I was having trouble healing until I used the Manuka honey. Hope you have a nice week too x

  34. OMG! You are wonderful! This site consists of the most delicious things and breathtaking pictures. I’m so grateful I stumbled upon your site since I’m converting to a healthier life’s to and your recipes are saving me and keeping me in track! Thank you once again! If you ever have a cook book published, I’ll be sure to get my hand on them :)

  35. I tried these tonight and they are like fudgey cookies. I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of instant coffee granules with a pinch of salt. I subed agave nectar for the coconut sugar since that’s what we had on hand. Very good! Thank you for sharing.

  36. I just made these using Honey. They are very rich and quite soft. Just curious. Is the cocoa powder unsweetened? That is what I used but it sure seems rich and in need of a tad bit more sugar. Is coconut sugar sweeter? Thanks for the healthy recipe. I LOVE AVOCADOS!

    1. I’m so glad you liked the cookies! Thanks for the feed back.
      Yes I used unsweetened. I find the cookies better when they are just a tiny bit bitter. But feel free to add a little more sweetener. Yeah, the coconut sugar is a little sweeter.

  37. This recipe looks amazing!
    Unfortunately anything that contains caffeine makes me ill, even dark chocolate / cocoa so I was wondering if you think these cookies would work using carob powder instead of cocoa? Would you use the same amount or might I need more to try adding more to make them more chocolate -like?

  38. I just made this cookies and everyone love them , especially my 3 year old. there are so sweet and light but mine are not as pretty as yours haha maybe next time .
    thank you for sharing this recipe with us !

  39. Hopefully you or someone else can help me. I love these cookies and make them weekly. Having said that, I want to try and use some Dutch Process Cocoa powder. Have you ever made these cookies with Dutch Processed cocoa? I know you need to use baking powder with Dutch Cocoa and this recipe calls for baking soda.

    1. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard that you can’t use dutch cocoa when a recipe calls for baking soda. The baking soda in the recipe, however, isn’t necessary. I usually make the cookies without using any raising agents. So you can omit the baking soda.

      1. Thank you so much for getting back with me. I decided (after I asked you)to contact King Arthur Flour, where I bought my Dutch Process Cocoa and ask their opinion, since they are in the baking business. Here is the reply I got back yesterday.

        To use Dutch process cocoa in this recipe, use 1/8 teaspoon cream or tartar or lemon juice or vinegar for each 3 Tablespoons Dutch cocoa. Since the recipe calls for 1/2 cup cocoa or 8 tablespoons – you’ll use 1/4 teaspoon plus a bit more cream of tartar (it’s so hard to measure 1/16 teaspoon!). Be sure to use the baking soda called for in the recipe as it was written and tested using it. You’re simply adding the cream of tartar to the cocoa so you’ll get the dark appearance and the pleasing cocoa flavor.

        I hope this is helpful. Happy Baking!

        Baker Specialist
        King Arthur Flour
        The Baker’s Catalogue, Inc.

  40. Woooow, that looks yummyy. So chocolatey, you can’t even see that it has an avocado ingredient. Maybe once you taste it, that’s when you realize the presence of the avocado. Ha ha.

  41. Just made these and wanted to let you know how I made mine. I used agave for sweetener and also added vanilla,instant espresso powder (dissolved in water with baking soda, pinch of salt and 1/4 mashed banana (because I wanted them a little sweeter. Also, for second batch I added oats, walnuts and dried cherries……Yum!
    Thank you!

  42. I made these with raw honey instead of coconut sugar and Lilys stevia baking chips. They are so amazing. I’m so happy I found this recipe. Thank you!

  43. Gave these a try before a super ripe Hass avacado I had went bad. I am pleasantly surprised at the delicious, devils food like texture and the not too sweet flavor. I grated about a half a tea spoon of fresh ginger into the mix and it gives theses a great subtle ginger flavor that complements the bitter sweet chocolate. This is definitely going into the recipe collection. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I made these yesterday and they are to die for! Definitely better cold but even the dough is so good! I’m making them again without the chocolate chunks. So excited for this recipe!

  45. Really want to try these as I like the idea of a healthy cookie. Also, I have a few friends who combined are gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and vegan, so by switching out the egg for flax+water, these cookies could work for all of them! Wondering if the addition of a ripe, mashed banana would complement this recipe, and make it kind of a funky monkey type cookie :) Probably going sub the coconut sugar for either agave or maple syrup. Fingers crossed they turn out as great as yours seemed to have!

    1. Thank you so much. You can definitely try to switch the egg for flax seeds, but I haven’t tried it, since the egg is quite a big part of the cookies. Please let me know, how it works.
      Adding banana sounds so good! I’ll definitely try that some time :)

  46. Did these today and they were delicious! Couldn’t taste the avocado as soon as I added the cocoa powder. I did do them at high altitude, though, and they were very fudgy. I almost wonder if I needed to do less water… Maybe even a 1:1 ratio. Delicious either way, though! Thanks!

  47. Okay, just made my first batch, so they haven’t had the cooling factor factored in yet and maybe this makes the difference. But did anyone else have an extremely strong dark cocoa flavor to theirs? I usually tweak my recipes, but followed this one exactly.

    1. Thank you debbie. Well, you can say everything contains sugar as soon as you add either banana, honey, coconut sugar etc. But those are just healthier than usual sugar. When it comes to the chocolate… I used sugar free, so no sugar from the chocolate no ;)

  48. I tried making this today but the cookies are really soft. They fall apart when I pick them up. How do i make them harder?

  49. These are absolutely amazing! I am on a health kick and these cookies are the only reason I am surviving it! My friends all love them too. Sending you a big THANK YOU from Australia!

  50. I love this recipe! I linked to this in one of my blog posts, so I’ve been exploring your website a bit. Gorgeous photography and I can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  51. These sound delicious, I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for ages! Is the coconut sugar very expensive?
    Gonna try get all the ingredients and make these as soon as possible :)

    1. Thanks a lot Bell.
      No it isn’t very expensive, but sadly more expensive than regular sugar. I pay around 4$ for 500 grams. But those 500 grams has almost the same volume as approx. 750 grams of regular sugar.
      Otherwise you can just use honey :)

  52. I just made these. I used honey instead of coconut sugar. I think next time I may use a little less honey. They are quite soft. I will put them in the fridge though. They are definitely chocolaty. The batter is like a very rich pudding. So tasty!

  53. I made the using banana, and these cookies made my confectioner career complete! (They are the perfect bitter substitute for way-too-sweet-cakes-and-cookies I have been looking for since… long!) Thank you!

  54. I have been wanting to try some chocolate and avocado recipes for my daughter – this looks AMAZING! And I love that coconut sugar has a low glycemic index so you don’t get a blood sugar kick from it. Nice work!

  55. is there something else that can be subbed in for the avocado? (I’m avocado intolerant :( ) A nut butter perhaps (peanut,almond,cashew, soy)? Coconut oil/butter?

    The recipe sounds fabulous!

  56. I came home in a full pms chocolate rage and saw this recipe. Whipped it up in 5 minutes. Waiting ten minutes for them to cook was torture! These are fantastic when warm and gooey on the inside and cool on the outside, I can’t imagine them cold! You are an Evil Chocolate Genius!!

  57. Do you by chance have the nutritional facts? On a strict diet that needs all that info with calorie intake. Much appreciated. Looking forward to making them with my kids!

    1. Hi Brandi. Sorry, but I don’t have the nutrition facts. I do not count my calories for personal reasons. As much as I would love to help you I prefer to not know how many calories these have :) I hope you understand
      But I do know there are some great webpages and apps that let you count the calories in a recipe. I hope you’ll make them anyway :)
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  58. Josefine, I like your taste in cookies! I, too, like really dark chocolate, and if it’s slightly on the bitter side, it’s mine! I also love avocados, and use them a lot. Coconut sugar, also known as palm sugar, has been in my baking for a couple years now, so with all these things in your recipe, I KNOW it’s got to be fabulous. Thank you for pinning it :-)

  59. I can’t believe how amazing these turned out! Thanks for sharing. For a holiday flare I added crushed candy canes to the top before baking!

    1. It is right above the ingredients :)
      Instead of coconut sugar you can sub equal ammounds of honey or one banana. Also some people like their cookies a tad sweeter, sp you might like to add a bit more sugar :) I just like mine slightly bitter

  60. Thank you for these fantastic cookies. I am so excited to have found something as decadent as it is healthy!
    Your blog is truly wonderful. My father, a boy of 13 in Austria when WWII broke out, was part of the Kindertrasport. His life was saved by a very special family in Fyn. If not for these incredible, selfless heroes, I would not be here today. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you, your family, and all the wonderful people of Denmark!

  61. These look soooo good!!! I’m definitely going to have to try these. Where do you get coconut sugar and is it expensive? Also what is the nutrition amounts?

    1. Thank you Eliza!
      I buy it at well assortimented supermarkets (I am from Denmark, so I only know where to get it here – but if you are from the US I am sure you can get it at Trader Joes and Wholefoods). It is more expensive than regular sugar yes – about 4-5$ for half a kilo. But it takes up more space than regular sugar and so you don’t have to use that much :)

  62. I’d like to triple this recipe, so I would just triple the amount of everything right? And 50 grams of the chocolate would be how much? 1/4 cup? Oh and instead of dark chocolate chunks I can use chips right? Thanks

  63. I just made these with my sister!! They are FANTASTIC (we used honey)! We couldn’t stop eating the batter.. it takes exactly like pudding! And the cookies on vanilla ice cream is great. Thanks SO much for the recipe!

  64. Absolutely delicious!!! Cannot believe how easy. I used the banana and honey recipe and came out awesome. Excited to try this with pistachio nuts or maybe peanut butter. Thanks so much for this!!

  65. Loved these! I love that they are far healthier than the avocado fudge I usually make. I made them two days ago and my 4 year old is already telling people that Avocado Chocolate cookies are her favorite cookie. I made them using organic evaporated cane juice. Will certainly make again. :)

  66. I have a child with Celiac’s so I’m always on teh lookout for Gluten free recipe’s and this is perfect. My problem is he is also diabetic. Can I substitute Truvia for the coconut sugar and use the same conversion I use for regular sugar??

    1. Aw, poor her. I’ve become very interested in Celiac disease lately and I am even making a prokect on it in school right now. So I like making gluten free stuff.
      I am so sorry but I’ve never tried truvia, since I can’t find it here in Denmark. So I have to say I don’t know :( I am very sorry!

  67. Hi,
    So excited to try these!!
    I never really stick to diets but (touch wood) this time im actually sticking to it and felt i deserved a bit if a treat in the shape of something super sweet!

    Do you know how many calories each one of these would be?


    1. I am so happy this recipe can help you in your diet :)
      I am sorry, I don’t know, because I do not count calories for personal reasons. But I know there are a lot of webpages out there, where you can calculate the ammount of calories in stuff

      1. Kudos to you for not counting calories! My daughter has been struggling with an eating disorder for many years. Calorie counting was very challenging to overcome. These are healthy and that is enough! The cookies are on my try list for the week. They look devine!

  68. AMAZING!! Im pretty much incapable of following a recipie. I added a dash of salt to enhance the natural sweetness, a dash of vanilla and used 3TBS of honey. You’re right about eating them cold. And a day old is even better! Thanks for sharing!

  69. I want to make these NOW! However, I only have 1 Avocado. Will only 1 work or what can I add to make the 3/4 cup required. Thanks.

      1. Used 1 Avocado, slightly under 3/4 cup. Added 1/4 cup dark chic chips and about 2T Raw Cocoa Nibs. Ahhh-mazing! Wow! I loved them right out of the oven too.

  70. Was so intrigued by this recipe! Decided to give it a shot and was so impressed by the results! So simple and easy. I loved how light the cookies were and i also liked that they weren’t super sweet. Will definitely be making these again! Thanks so much for the creative recipe!

  71. Can’t wait to try these. I make a great avocado chocolate mousse that is awesome. Purée an avocado with cocoa, almond milk and honey. Tastes amazing and I dip my apple slices in it for a satisfying afternoon snack!

  72. Hey Josefine,
    I tried the recipe and it’s simply amazing. I love bitter chocolates and this is just perfect. And healthy too :)
    I tried it with Coconut sugar and it came out beautifully. I do want to try a batch with honey. What should be the quantity of honey as per this recipe?

    1. Hi Aakriti
      I am so happy you like these cookies. Thanks a lot for your wonderful message.
      If you sub honey for coconut sugar you can use the same ammount – 1/2 a cup. This will make the cookies a little bit sweeter, so you might be able to use a bit less :)

      1. Thanks for the recipe. Looks yummy. I think you could probably double the recipe and make in a springform pan as well.

    1. Hi Leslie. I am so sorry – people have pointed that out before, which is why I’ve changed the pictures. I created this recipe two years ago when I was 15, so I didn’t know that much about what was sugar and what isn’t. So I just meant “refined-sugar-free”

  73. Oh my goodness I totally love you for this recipe. There was no way I could lose because I often eat raw avocados and dark chocolate bars. I already had all the ingredients & it was quick & easy to make. Oh my how delicious they are! I couldn’t stop eating the batter. I’ll make this often.

  74. Made these last week and my six year old keeps opening the freezer looking for more. Made them again today for her, love that she has no clue they are “healthy.” Today I used half a banana and half the sugar. Tasted the same to me!
    I also didn’t have chocolate chunks on hand so I have only used roasted cocoa nibs from Whole Foods and they are delish!

  75. These cookies are amazing and ridiculously easy to make. 2015 is definitely my year for eating healthy. Along with significantly reducing my intake of meat and dairy products, i’ve completely cut out any artificial treats that I might have snacked on last year, thanks to amazing bloggers like Josefine amongst others. The avocado really gives an interesting texture to the cookie, and to those who are worried about the taste, don’t worry – the taste is actually like an intense piece of chocolate ! Tusen Tack Josefine! Dine Opskrifter er virkelig fantastisk! (I hope that was correct :) )

  76. Not sure what I did wrong, but I couldn’t get mine to bake and set up at all. I used a banana in place of the sugar and baked for 10 minutes. The consistency of the ‘dough’ was like pudding and after I took them out of the oven, it didn’t really change much. Any ideas?

      1. It was a large banana. I stuck them back in the oven for a bit. They baked for a total of 20 minutes and that seemed to do it. Thanks!

  77. These are DEFINITELY great. And, perfect for if you’re down to that last avocado and egg in your fridge and don’t want to go to the store! A++ in my book!

  78. These cookies are delicious! When I made them, though, I noticed they were very soft. Is there a way I can make them a bit firmer so that they don’t stick to one another and will be fine stacked in storage?

  79. These are absolutely amazing! And so very easy! You would never know that they have avocado in them. My son ate three in one sitting. They are seriously addictive. Proof finally that healthy can be fun too! Thank you for this awesome recipe!

    1. Add peppermint? Genius! I’m guessing peppermint extract — or even fresh mint from the garden — would work as well? I’ll give it a go!

  80. Made these two weeks ago, they were so yum and easy that I currently have a triple batch in the oven for my volunteer group tomorrow. My teen loved them, I never told her they had avocado in them. Thanks for the recipe.

  81. You really shouldn’t advertise a recipe as “No Sugar!” when it does in fact use sugar. Coconut sugar will have the exact same impact on your blood glucose levels as the regular old stuff. It’s just more expensive.

    1. Hi Alison. I am so sorry, but as I’ve explained before I made this recipe up some years ago when I was only 15 and didn’t know much about sugars. What I meant was that it didnt’t contain refined sugar.
      I’ve tried making up for my mistake by taking new photos, but somehow the old one has gone viral.
      Thank you for you comment. I’ll add a disclaimer to the post.
      Coconut sugar has a GI of 35 where as saccharose is 59

  82. I’m sorry but these are horrible they are so bitter they taste like coffee i felt ill after i ate them they were sour and bitter and too strong tasting/too cocoa-tasting. strongly recommend using a little bit of chocolate powder instead but not sure if even that would offset the baked avocado taste. not for someone with a sensitive taste.

  83. Just wanted to leave a quick note to say that I loved these! I found the recipe a couple weeks ago and have been excited to see if they taste as good as they look…they DO!

  84. I just made these for my two little boys today and they are a hit! These guys have radar for vegetables, so I was actually surprised that they ate them with no suspicious comments :)

    I used brown sugar but have been meaning to try our coconut sugar. Next time I will follow your advice for using a VERY ripe avocado; used a barely ripe one (perfect for a salad or something, but not quite soft enough for this). I had to mix it with the blender for a really long time, but it worked out.

    I tried an avocado cheesecake at an upscale restaurant last weekend that worked really well. The cheesecake was green and you actually did get a subtle taste of avocado, but it worked really well with an orange crumble crust and ginger sorbet on the side. Now I’m a little obsessed with cooking with avocado! Thanks for the recipe!

  85. These look really good;) I noticed you used both grams and regular measurement on ingredient list but didn’t indicate conversion for 50 grams of chocolate? How many ounces would I need and how many cookies does this make? Do they burn easily while in oven?

    1. Hi Cindy
      Thank you so much
      50 grams equals 0,1 oz :) This recipe makes approx. 10 cookies. And no they do not burn easily. It might, however, be a little hard to tell, when they are done, which makes some people bake them a little too long

  86. Oh my goodness you just resolved my issues. didn’t know how to go on a diet without being able to eat chocolate chip cookies…after having my son who is almost 2 years my post baby weight kept creeping in. This recipe has been a saver sincere thanks from my heart—already made a batch of it and oh I am so in love with coconut sugar as well…I will be a frequent visitor to your blog- please bring out awesome recipes. This momma needs to loose some lbs..just to have some energy to play with my super awesome son

  87. These are SO good!! I’ve made a variety of “healthy”cookies but none tasted this good. I really couldn’t tell that they were a healthy version. Very moist and chocolatey! I made them with the coconut sugar – not a big fan of the banana taste when using them in place of butters. I will make these many times, even my kids loved them.

    1. I wonder why? I hope Josefine will comment. Mine had zero taste of avocados, but I do find when I make chocolate avocado pudding that the avocado taste is pronounced. Is a riper avocado better for masking the flavor, or a less ripe one?

  88. I have never commented on a recipe before, but this had to be done! These are totally ridiculous…yum!!! I had some extra avocados, and thought I’d give these cookies a try. I was very skeptical, but they turned out AWESOME, and my family requested another batch. Thanks for the recipe!

  89. I just made these cookies, doubled the recipe so I could get more than 10, and used brown sugar instead of coconut sugar (its all I had)….and they were AMAZING!! The first batch came out a little under done, a little fudgy and cake like in the center, but still delicious! Thank you for such a great recipe!!

  90. These turned out wonderfully! I can see how these would work as a brownie, like your other recipe that I have not tried yet. They are quite like a fudgy/cakey decadent brownie. If you like dark chocolate, you will absolutely love these. To half the batch, I added toasted walnuts and some chopped dates just to experiment. They were also delicious. Love the extra crunch from the walnuts. Next time I will add some coarse sea salt as I think that would be excellent with the dark chocolate. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

  91. Found this recipe via Pinterest. Just put the first round in the oven, the batter came out a bit runnier than I expected. Did I miss a step? Still excited to try them (and sneak one into my husbands hands :))

  92. I tried making these today and they turned out with a weird consistency. The cookies looked a little bit spongey on the inside and I felt like the egg taste was pretty prominent. I used a small banana instead of sugar and chocolate protein powder instead of Cocoa powder.

    Do you know why the consistency might be this way? I’m a pretty newbie cook, so I’m really at a loss. I baked the cookies for about 13 minutes at 350- should I have left them in longer? I also just mixed and mashed everything by hand- could that also contribute to the texture I got?

    1. Hm, I am so sorry to hear the cookies didn’t turn out very well.
      The cookies should be a litle spongey. As I’ve written they are more cloud-like than ordinary cookies.
      I think you can still taste the egg because of the chocolate protein powder. I’ve never tried protein powder, but I know that ordinary cocoa powder has a very storng flavour which in this case overrules the egg-taste. I wouldn’t recommend using protein powder :)
      Also, how ripw was your banana? Because when baking with unripe bananas the result often turnes out bitter instead of sweet. So make sure you use a very ripe one :)
      I really hope this helps! Have a lovely week.

  93. I made these this morning and I think I just died because they are HEAVEN. Soft, dark, chocolatey heaven. I don’t think i’ll make a cookie without avocado ever again. Thank you for such a great recipe!

  94. Wow! My mom and I made these tonight and they turned out delicious! I have the biggest sweet tooth and am always trying to find healthy ways to have dessert- these are perfect!!!

  95. Hi Josefine!

    I was looking around the internet for healthy cookies containing avocado and chocolate, and found your recipe. Thank-you! This is perfect for what I’m looking for! I work for the head office of a Canadian grocery store chain, and we’re having a cookie-baking contest. The catch? They have to be healthy. I do have a question though: I’ve made not-so-healthy Mexican chocolate cookies before, which contained cayenne and chili powder. They were fabulous! I’m wondering if you’ve tried this with your recipe before??

    1. Hi Alesha
      I am so so happy you liked these cookies – thanks for trying them!
      Hm, no I’ve never tried Mexican chocolate cookies before. But I’ve had chili chocolate and that was absolutely amazing. So I am sure these will be too. I think I’ll try it some time :)
      If you try it before please let me know how they turn out.
      And please tell me you these cookies do in the contest ;) Sounds like a fun competition

  96. Made this about an hour ago. Great for that chocolate craving I get sometime and not too sweet. I did use 1/4 cup honey with about half of it agave. Batter was fine and surprisingly not runny probably because I didn’t use a half cup like the coconut sugar. The texture is amazing. I’m going to freeze them so they won’t get eaten too quickly since it’s just me. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    1. Could you add protein powder to these cookies? And if so, would you substitute it for something or simply add it in? Thanks :)

  97. Made these tonight ! Amazing :) I’m a huge dark-chocoholic. These cookies are rich and light all at the same time. 100% will make these again and a much larger quantity ;)

    Thank you !

  98. Gotta admit, I thought these would be a huge disappointment, as so many things that are touted as “healthy” turn out to be. Boy, was I wrong! These are the yummiest, chocolate-iest, goo-iest things ever. I think they’re more like a fudge-y brownie than a cookie, but I won’t quibble over the name. They’re my new addiction. Thanks so much for the recipe!

    (BTW, I used Ener-G egg replacer and they turned out great.)

  99. These were delicious! A great way to use up a too ripe to eat avocado too. Even my incredibly picky 2 year old loved them. Thanks!

  100. Hi, I’m from Costa Rica. I find your website unique and this particular recipe is great, particularly for those taking care of special diets such as low or zero sugar, and low bad cholesterol/or triglicerids. Many thanks I will try them soon and let you know the results.

    1. Hi Elyssa. I am very sorry but I do not count my calories or nutritients for personal reasons – I just eat healthy :) I am very sorry. I know there are a lot of webpages out there where you can calculate nutritients facts though :)

  101. thanks for a low calorie cookie! I had to use maple syrup instead of sugar but added a tablespoon of flour (oat) and they are great! I made 10 cookies, so 75 calories each. I warm them up with 2 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream so I have a perfect decadent dessert and stick to my diet! Thank you!!!!

  102. I love these cookies. I have made so many batches already and when I share them with others they love them as well. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I have made some and added fresh grated ginger, which are amazing. I also made some and added grated orange peel and they are as equally amazing. Thanks again for sharing.

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  104. Hi Josephine!
    I have made these cookies 2-3 times now and my husband & I absolutely love them!
    He actually requested that his birthday cake taste just like these. I know your recipe is meant for cookies, but I was wondering if you know of a way they could translate to a cake form? There are avocado cake recipes out there, I know, but we just love this recipe so much we’d like to stick with it if we can. Any thoughts?

  105. Could you tell me the carbs in one cookie?
    I’d like to tweek the recipe for my Adkins diet plan if I have too.
    Thanks & I can’t wait to make them

    1. Hi Doreen
      I am so sorry, but unfortunately I don’t know. I don’t count either my calories or nutritients for personal reasons :) I do however know there are some ecxellent pages out there where you can count just about everything. I’m sorry I can’t help you :(

  106. These are so yummy. Unfortunately my boys saw me making them and refuse to try cookies with avocados. My daughter who loves most things healthy loves them,along with my hubby. Now I think it would be fun to try to make muffins with this recipe.

    1. Thank you Amber! What a pity – haha, my mom saw me adding avocado to these the very first time I ever made them and I’ve been trying to convince her to try them ever since without any luck. It doesn’t even help telling her it’s the most popular post on this blog…
      Anyway, more for me ;)
      I am happy you and your daughter like them! Thanks for your lovely message

  107. I made these today, and I just love them. I did double the amount of coconut sugar, and they are sweet, without being too sweet. I definitely recommend them! I already have friends asking for the recipe, or wanting to order some from me. :)

  108. Hey,
    I’m sorry but I dont quite get the notes. Next to the sugar it says *see notes* and the first note is about a banana, you can substitute the sugar with banana?

      1. Ah I see now! sorry I only looked at the bottom comment and not the ones above the ingredients! Thanks :D

  109. I’ve just made these cookies and they are absolutely delicious! I used honey instead of coconut sugar, and they needed to be baked 16 minutes. The cookies did spread a bit thinner.

  110. Wow!!! I made these using 2 tablespoons of quinoa flour and only 1/4 cup of maple syrup. I made them fairly big so only yielded 7. They are for my mouth only! They are divine! Thank you for this great recipe.

  111. These are the most amazing cookies ever!!! I have made about 5 batches in the last 2 months. They don’t last and the kids absolutely love them! Thank you!!!

  112. These were SO easy to make! And obviously so, so delicious. The ONLY downside, if you can even count this, is they are a little too gooey to hold. Strongly recommend this recipe.

  113. First, thanks for sharing this recipe. My cookies came out amazingly fudgy.

    I replaced the egg with 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed and 3 T water. I used Hershey’s dark chocolate that was 100% cacao. Also, added 2 tsp vanilla.

    My cookies were good but gave a real bitter after taste. (I don’t usually like things too sweet either)
    I wonder if the 100% cacao was the problem.

    Would you recommend trying adding a banana. Would that sweeten the cookie and get rid of the after taste? Perhaps, I should use 1 tablespoon of maple syrup or add a couple of dates? What do you think?


    1. Yay! So glad you liked the cookies :)
      Hm the bitter taste might come from the 100% chocolate yes – that stuff is very bitter (but insanely delicious!!!)
      Yes, you can definitely add banana. I’ve written about using banana in the recipe – that’s the sweetener I usually use in these cookies :)

  114. The reason I’m writing a review right now if that I just bit into one of these cookies and I thought, “OHMYGOSHSOOOOGOOD!!!” They are really really good. Almost like pudding cookies. I used a banana instead of coconut sugar, actually I used a little coconut sugar anyway, and I’m not sure if I baked them long enough, but regardless — they are so incredibly good. Love them! Thanks!

  115. Hi ,
    Im not sure if this was asked before .. But can i used full coco powder instead of the dark chocolate chunks?


  116. OMG, these are amazing!! I am so happy to use the avocado because it has great fiber, which everyone needs. I used coconut sugar
    And Dutch process cocoa powder. Dutch process is sooooo much better in terms of real chocolate flavor. If you have not tried Dutch process, I hope you will! It makes a huge difference!

    Thank you so much sharing! I will make these again and again!

  117. I regret the trouble, time and the ingredients I spent to make these cookies.their fast was extremely bitter. unacceptable recipe and unacceptable that you published it.

    1. I appreciate all the feed back I can get if you tell me in a decent tone. Especially since you’ve clearly done something wrong when making them or used some “bad avocados” unintentionally, given all the positive comments I’ve received and all the positive feen back I’ve been given ever since I started making the cookies. I am so sorry they didn’t turn out good – please reconsider yourself, what you are saying and your tone next time you fail to make a recipe.

      1. Good reply, Josefine. Funny how someone would ignore months of positive comments and post such a poorly written, rude comment. Sounds like a failure of the baker, not the recipe.

  118. These taste AMAZING. So soft, chewy and even after left in the fridge overnight they were still good the next day! everyone asked for the recipe! thank u!

  119. Hi,
    I just made the vegan chia egg version of these, but they fell apart and wouldn’t hold together at all! Has this happened to you? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  120. Just pulled these out of the oven and they are delish . Instead of 1/2 cup coconut sugar I subbed 1/4 with unsweetened applesauce. Perfect decadence without wrecking a healthy lifestyle!!

  121. I have made these several times! I have tried them with the coconut sugar, with the banana, and with peanut butter. They are AMAZING every time & every way I’ve tried! Thank you so much for these! My kids love them! (Even my picky eater)

  122. I tried the recipe but I used white chocolate chips instead. I’m not vegan or whatever but this is a very nice idea if you have avocados that are about to go bad. Sadly my oven doesn’t like me and the cookies are very soupie. Like little lava cakes. are you sure 10 minutes is enough

  123. Just made myself a batch of these! In a country (Nepal) where getting baking ingredients can often be something of a challenge, these are the perfect way to satisfy my sweet (but not too sweet) tooth! Topped with a little vanilla icing sugar and they’re to die for!

  124. I entered all the ingredients (and I used the honey instead of coconut sugar) on myfitness pal (as they can break down calories and fat in recipes etc) and it came to 162 calories and 8g of fat per cookie not 75…

  125. I make simular.I mix 1 c peanut butter, 1 avocado, 2 eggs, coco powder, sweetner of choice, 1/2 tsp baking soda and optional mix in such as nuts, raisins, or choclate chips and place by the spoonful on bakong sheet and bake yummy ! Makes a great kids breakfast with a glass of “milk” ☺

  126. Made these cookies and had to double the recipe as they were eaten so fast. I make everyone taste them before I tell them that there is avocado in them. They are shocked and still want more. I am a chocaholic and diabetic so these fill the bill as a great snack. Can’t thank you enough for the recipe.

  127. Hi Josephine

    I tried these cookies and they taste delicious. My only problem was they were very soft and did not hold well.
    Any tips on that?

  128. Thank you so much for this recipe.. Fantastic. I want to eat them all at once. I used a banana instead of sugar and 1 teaspoon of added honey. They are amazing when you are wanting to eat healthy treats. Thanks again.

  129. I just took these out of the oven and they look incredible! ANd if the cookie tastes half as great as the batter did, I just found myself a new healthy treat go-to! Thank you!! I also added about 1/4 cup of almond butter, a splash of vanilla and a few drops of stevia, but cut back on the chocolate chips. Thank you for this great recipe!!

  130. OMG! Your given chocolate cookies are wonderful! This site consists of the most delicious things and breathtaking pictures. I’m so grateful to stumbled upon your site since I’m converting to a healthier life’s to and your recipes are saving me and keeping me on the track! Thank you once again.

  131. Ive been wanting to try these for a while now and I have, they taste awesome. Only downside is, they came out very cakey and soft, not like a cookie. Is it possible I had too much of something, or did I maybe not wait for them to cool down enough before eating one(I really couldnt wait any longer, I wanted one so bad!)?


    1. Yay, I am so glad you liked the Cayla!
      No, these are unfortunately very fudgy and not exactly like a “real” cookies. That is what I mean with “cloud like”. I am so sorry :)
      I like them that way – hope you do too ;) Otherwise I have a lot of other healthy cookies recipes on the blog – which are much more cookie like. Like these

  132. If your one-paragraph bio is true, either you left out the part about growing up in England or America, or the Danish school system somehow produces perfectly fluent writers of English. This is better-written than 99% of blogs produced in countries where English is the native language. Oh and thank you for the cookies. Best wishes.

  133. bittersweet, love it!
    very rich, can’t eat many. I used brown sugar, packed. loaded them w/chopped pecans. refrigerated the batter for an hour first, then baked for 15 minutes so they held their shape very well. nice and puffy. they should freeze very well. husband loved them. definitely a keeper, thank you very much.

  134. I would love to make these for by dil baby shower. I’m wondering about baking them in advance and freezing to use later. I do that with many Christmas cookies and it makes life so less hectic. Do you know how these cookies would respond to being frozen and then thawed for later use? Thank you.

  135. I was looking for recipes to use some avocados that I had and I came across your recipe. I am not vegetarian or vegan but I gave them a try because they looked amazing. I LOVE them and so did my diabetic husband. Thank you for sharing. =)

  136. AMAZING…!
    Can use Xylitol too..!
    I’m amazed that they come out the way they do with not one bit of flour I put some ground oatmeal flour in about a quarter of a cup just to give em a little bit more density good stuff!(~_^)

    (* ̄︶ ̄*)

  137. So I made these cookies, was very happy with the result. We added about half of a really ripe banana in there to cut back on some of the sweetness from the chocolate. It was still amazing. Our kids (super picky eaters) LOVED them. My family is all about the organic/natural lifestyle. Which is a hard thing in today’s world because organic apples cost about 1$ per apple and in a family of six it cost a weekly fortune. So to find a recipe for something both decadent and healthy it’s a win win! We have been using coconut “sugar” for a long while now. My wife loves it. She had just started experimenting with avocados and we came along this and she loved the idea of taking out the butter in just about all of her baking! She herself doesn’t like to eat the avocado itself (nor do the kids! I bet they get it from her hint hint) but she’s all about hiding it in every day things. It works for us, they came out nice and moist we did have to leave it in a little longer to cook but that could be our location VS yours. Either case loved it thanks for posting. Look forward to more adventures of avocado!

  138. hey,
    Just tried it!
    Additionally I added some coconut oil and almond flakes.
    Tasty bitter and hard to keep myself away from the fridge. I am afraid they will not stay there till next day.. :)
    Thank you for nice photos and recipe!

  139. Hey there – thanks for this recipe! I just made these this afternoon and when I took them out of the oven after the allotted time, and cooled them, I did find them slightly on the soft side and not quite sweet enough (this despite the fact that I’m not a huge sweet fan). I brushed on a bit of honey and popped them back in the oven for at least another 10 minutes, took them out, cooled them and they were a bit firmer after a stint in the fridge. Quite delicious, but more like a…pudding cookie if there is such a thing. I will definitely make again and perhaps sandwich either ice cream or cocowhip for my vegan/GF free/dairy intolerant pals. It would make a GREAT woopie pie cookie as it’s soft enough that the stuffing won’t smoosh out when you take a bite. Not there’s anything wrong with a good shmoosh…thank you!!

  140. This recipe is pure genius! I cannot believe how delicious they turn out without butter! I’ve made them three times. Most recently, I mixed in some ground flax seed that I had leftover (about 1 tbsp.) and the cookies were a bit more solid and still tasted great.

  141. Made these yesterday, they were delicious! The texture is very soft like cake and they are so fudgy and chocolatey. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  142. I made these cookies with honey instead of coconut sugar (which, by the way, is no more or less healthy than regular brown sugar). You definitely cannot taste the avocado at all. I gave the cookies to my extended family and some loved them and others just thought they were okay. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate and so they didn’t really do it for me but I still bake them regularly because my 3 year old daughter can’t get enough of them.

  143. I have made these cookies SEVERAL times. They are soft and oh-so chocolatey! I use them as the cookie for an ice cream sandwich and as the bottom layer for an ice cream cake or pie. Mimics the cookie part of old school ice cream sandwiches very well. No avocado taste, just densely chocolatley and not too sweet. One of my favorite chocolate cookies for sure! :)

  144. Hello,
    I made these cookies once, exactly as written, and they were SOOOO GOOOD, the taste was amazing, just the right amount of chocolate-craving chocolateness. BUT… my guy and I almost had to eat them with a spoon, they were so mushy. Even after a night in the fridge. We ate them all, of course, but I am wondering how to firm them up a bit without adding more sweetener or chocolate (as I think the balance is perfect as is, taste-wise). Do you think adding some oats or something would affect this? Is there another non-flour thickening agent you’d recommend that can easily be found (I live in a small town in Spain… some of the ingredients above are not really readily available around here!). Thanks for the great recipe!

  145. OMG, I love these, I just made a batch, I only had cane brown sugar so I used that, My first attempt at these: with, First I mixed a few drops of Peppermint oil & Peppermint / Mint Extract in 1, @

    I mixed these together to make a more potent Flavor of the Peppermint to everything I love with mint. Like Melted Dark Choc / Bars, Avocado etc..

    I then made for the first time ever, I made these Avocado Cookies with the Peppermint oil/extract in it just a couple drops is good enough.

    OMG These are to die for , I highly recommend this recipe, I love it. I need to buy nuts for it now :)

  146. Hi Josephine! This recipe looks delicious and I’m super excited to try it, but I was wondering if you think the same recipe could be used to create a chocolate avocado skillet cookie instead of individual cookies. What do you think? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mathilda! I actually had a brownie version of these on the blog until recently, so yes they can. With a few twists. I’ll post the recipe asap again :) Thanks

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