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October 22, 2013

I’m back from an amazing trip to Morocco and I’m so ready to blog again!

I’ll make a post with pictures from the trip as soon as I’ve edited, sorted and deleted a lot of photos. As usual I’ve taken around 200 photos a day leaving me with 1700 pictures to walk through. Haha – that’s so me.

In the meantime I have a couple of great things to share.

Talented Cailee from the blog Hello Healthy Eating has asked me to do a guest post on her wonderful blog. That’s amazing, right! I’m so exited and honored. Cailee’s blog is great. You should definitely check it out. Tons of great tips and recipes for eating healthy. I could spend hours there. I can’t wait to make the post.

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Talking about healthy eating; I constantly hear about new ways of eating healthy and new healthy diets, and it can be very confusing to figure out which ones are right at which one aren’t. One day people say paleo is perfect, another day being vegetarian is in. Some days whole wheat is the shit and others people say you should avoid grains completely. What to do?

I think it differs a lot from person to person. Some people get more energy from the paleo diet others from the vegan one. I eat quite normal and I eat almost everything (mind you it is natural and not processed). But I’ve often wanted to try some of all these diets. And yesterday a good opportunity came:

In school we are going to make an experiment on metabolism (that’s what we learn about in biotechnology at the moment). The idea is to place a person is a sealed box and then see how much oxygen is consumed and how much carbon dioxide is made. The ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide differs weather you are burning carbs, fat or proteins. So Thursday and Friday the students from my class is going on different diets:

I saw this as a great opportunity to try the low-carb high-fat diet. So Thursday and Friday I’m not eating any carbs at all. I don’t think it’s gonna be very hard considering I don’t  really eat a lot of pasta, potatoes, rice or bread (I’m gonna miss fruit though – I’m an addict).

I really look forward to it! There’s only one slight problem: I don’t really eat a lot of meat usually – and I can’t stomach eggs (sadly). So I’ve made a list of things I’m gonna eat:

I’ll definitely be blogging about it. And I’m thinking on continuing eating that way afterward. Except for the fruit – I need that!

Hey! join me if you want.

Here’s a little list of no-carb recipes on the blog for inspiration:

Sorry for the incredibly bad photos!

DSC_0677Tuna Snack


Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes


Almond Thyme Pesto


Arugula Sesame Salad


Almonds and carrots



4 responses to “A fun experiment & quest post”

  1. caileejoy says:

    Thank you so much!! It’s such an honor to be on your lovely blog! Btw, everything looks delicious!! Can’t wait to see your vacation pictures! :)

  2. I am excited to see your post on Cailee’s blog! I know your trip was amazing so looking forward to all your pictures…

  3. consuelohoneyandfigs says:

    I love cailee’s blog as well so I can’t wait to read your post! Neither can I wait to see the trip pics ^^ And that project sounds so so exciting. I wish I went to your school, all that I do in biotechnology classes is take exams *sighs*

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