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September 28, 2013

So I thought a nice first post on my new blog would be a post about my trip to Melrose, USA.

Every second year my high school does an exchange with Melrose High School in Melrose, Massachusetts. I was lucky enough to get picked as one of the 23 Danish students to attend this year. I’m so grateful that I got picked! It has been the most amazing trip one could ever imagine. I had the best exchange partner I could ever get; Laura. She is so nice and funny. And so is her family – the kindest family in the world. What also made the trip amazing was all the new things I learned about American culture. I thought Denmark and USA were quite similar, but it turns out they aren’t. Though we do have a lot of similarities. The biggest difference? The school system. Haha – oh, we’ve had a lot of funny conversations about that.

Very well – I’m not gonna bore you all with every single detail, so I’ll just go straight to the pictures from the trip. (I’ve just picked out a couple – I have 400 on my computer, and if I hadn’t deleted any, I would have had like 2000). I hope you enjoy!

DSC_0537On our way. Ice Land.

DSC_057511th: First thing to do: The Swan Boats

IMG_334312th: A day at the high school. This is the canteen.



12th: Football at the high school.


13th: A trip to New York





You girls are the best!



14th: Making breakfast. Plow Lines (a family recipe)

DSC_006714th: After a great piano concert at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum


15th: Beautiful Boston…


… and a missing unicorn.

DSC_0046 2


15th: Making s’mores – YUM!
DSC_002416th: The aquarium

DSC_023016th: Duck Tours – Pretty Boston


17th: Harvard University – what a place!

DSC_009317th: The Harry Potter Dining Hall at Harvard – WOW!!!!


I touthed the foot!

DSC_024017th: A lesson at the Boston Ballet. Great experience!


18th: JFK Library Museum

DSC_019018th: Museum of Fine Arts

DSC_019318th: Thanksgiving themed pot luck dinner


19th: Having fun at the science museum


Pretty, pretty, pretty Melrose. Cutest town ever!

IMG_347620th: Fooling around at Marshalls and Target. Such a fun night!


21st: Good bye in the air port. I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much. Thank you everybody for the most amazing 10 days ever!

DSC_0401Sunrise over Ice Land.


These pictures show a lot of my experices – but definitely not them all. Here’s a couple more:










8 responses to “Exchange – Melrose High”

  1. Zoe says:

    I’m jealous, your exchange sounds amazing! My school offers them too and I have always been tempted but because New Zealand is quite far away from everywhere, the trips are incredibly pricey!

    • Josefine says:

      Aww, that’s a shame. On the other hand – I’m jealous that you live in New Zeland. I’d so much like to go there! But at you said – the tickets are very expensive ;)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Såååååå misundelig

  3. […] brought home some stuff from my trip to the US. My host family were the kindest one ever. They even bought me some of the things I’d planned […]

  4. I found your blog because my mother in law sent me a link to one of your recipes. You are very talented making up awesome healthy desserts! I’ve pinned a bunch because my kids (and I, if I’m truthful) love desserts but I also want us to be healthy.

    What an awesome experience being an exchange student. I was one as well, in Australia (I’m from the U.S.). Except I met a guy, we eventually got married, and now I’ve been here for almost 13 years :)

    If you write a cookbook, I’ll totally buy one.

  5. […] When I went to Boston some weeks ago my kind, kind host family asked me if there was anything special I wanted to taste whilst being in America. When they heard I had never had pumpkin pie before they immediately said that I had to try it. […]

  6. […] for a fun and cozy night. I love that group of people. We actually “started” the group when we did the exchange with the high school in Melrose. So that exchange did not only bring new friends from Boston. It actually also brought us students […]

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