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December 4, 2013

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

Happy December!

I hope you’ve all had a great start of this lovely month. I certainly have – though it has been so busy. Today I’ve been at the University of Copenhagen the entire day. These days there are a big conference called An Open World – Science, Technology and Society in the Light of Niels Bohr’s Thoughts in the occasion for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the atomic model by the Danish scientist Niels Bohr (whoa, that was a looong sentence). The title pretty much sums up the subject. My good friend Karen and I had exclusively gotten a ticket through The Academy for Talented Youth (which I’ve told about here).

It was a great experience. And I felt so grown up by walking around all those professors with my very own name badge. I had to put a picture of in on Instagram ;)

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

The first of December was spend the perfect way:

Our family is in a big group of friends who all meet once in a while (parents as well as children). Each year in December we meet at one of the families in the northern part of Zealand, where we eat Apple-skivers (a typical Danish christmas treat), drink glögg (another Danish christmas treat) and craft. It is SO cozy!

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

I love that day of the year. Best way to spend an afternoon!

This year I made these lovely manilla tags. They are so easy to make and look just lovely. I can’t wait to put them on my presents this year. I have to start thinking a little more about presents by the way.

So, how to do? Simply take some plain manilla tags. Glue some pretty christmas pictures on them (in Denmark “glansbilleder” (which are small shiny drawings) are very popular and easy to get your hands on – every little girl collects them and you can buy them everywhere – but I don’t know the name for them in english. My dictionary says it is called “scraps”, but I’m not sure that is the right word. Anyways – every pretty picture or sticker could do it). Finish with some twine.

Tadaa! Easy and pretty.

You could possibly sprinkle a bit of glitter on them. It is christmas after all.

Have a great December!

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

8 responses to “Easy Manilla Tags for Christmas Presents”

  1. caileejoy says:

    These are soooo cute!!!! I love them! And I think the english word your looking for would be something along the lines of scrapbooking.. so pretty :)

  2. Such adorable cards! What a perfect Christmas present :)

  3. Oh my gosh – what a great idea! These are adorable cards! And how timely – I just bought some of those plain cards too – needed them for another project, so it looks like I’ll be buying more. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been trying to make tags but they never look this pretty! I think you may need to send me some! They are so lovely…

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