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December 1, 2014

A healthier Christmas treat

En sundere jule-snack.

Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans. A healthy Christmas snack.

Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans. A healthy Christmas snack.


Happy 1st of December! At the expense of sounding super cliché – I can’t believe it is already December. My head is buzzing with so many things – school, musical practice, dance lessons, a ton of Christmas gatherings, smaller problems and not least the big project you make in senior year in Danish high school, SRP. I’ll get the thesis statement on Friday and then I’ll have two weeks to finish it. So sadly I don’t think I will be in the best Christmas mood until the 19th – so sad since I’m one of the biggest lovers of Christmas.


Glædelig første december! Med fare for at lyde super kliche – jeg kan slet ikke forstå at det allerede er december. Mit hoved er fyldt med alt muligt lige fra skol til musical til dans til alle mulige mindre problemer og hundredvis af juleaftaler – og ikke mindst SRP, der starter på fredag. Så det er slet ikke gået op for mig at det snart er jul. Med den SRP hængende over hovedet er jeg bange for at det ikke rigtig bliver jul for mig før d. 19. når den er afleveret. Super ærgerrigt da det er den bedste tid på året.


Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans. A healthy Christmas snack. Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans. A healthy Christmas snack.


My friends use to tease me with the fact that I “don’t like nuts, which resembles brains”. Yep that is (sadly) a quote by me. But it is actually true. I would love to like walnuts and pecans, but I just don’t. But then I made this lovely autumn salad and then I figured that pecans and maple is the best combo ever. I love the mix of the bitter nuts and the sweet maple.


Min veninder plejer at lave grin med at jeg ikke kan lide ”nødder, der ligner hjerner”. Det er (desværre) et direkte citat af mig selv, men det passer faktisk. Jeg vil så gerne kunne lide valnødder og pekannødder, men de er desværre ikke minde yndlings. Men da jeg lavede den her skønne efterårssalat fandt jeg ud af at pekannødder og ahornsirup er den geniale kombi. Virkelig. Jeg elsker kombinationen af de bitre nødder og den søde ahornsmag. SÅ lækkert!


Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans. A healthy Christmas snack. Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans. A healthy Christmas snack.


Despite the SRP I am determined to get the Christmas feeling back. So I’ve been lightning candles, baking cookies with my friends and I plan on putting up Christmas decorations real soon and eat a lot of delicious and healthy Christmas treats – like these wonderful cinnamon maple candied pecans.

Happy December!



Jeg er fast besluttet på at komme i super julestemning trods SRP’en. Så jeg tænder lys, pynter op, hører julemusik og spiser lækker sund juleguf. Som de her skønne kanel-ahorn.


Glædelig december!


Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

A healthy Christmas treat


  • 80g. (1 cup) pecans
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup (60mL) maple syrup


  1. Heat up a small saucepan. Add the pecans and cinnamon and roast lightly for two minutes.
  2. Pour on the syrup and boil until almost all liquid is absorbed.
  3. Spread out on a piece of parchment paper to cool.
  4. Store in an airtight conatiner.

19 responses to “Cinnamon Maple Candied Pecans // Kanel & Ahornristede Pekannødder”

  1. I just made something similar but with an egg white, maple syrup and coconut sugar. These nuts are fantastic and addictive! Beautiful photos!

  2. We had candied nuts – almonds, walnuts and cashews – at the office -just- today. A nice break from the whole storebought egg-containing cookies and cake – and finally something I’m nuts about [lame pun intended]. Of the sugar-coated variety, of course. However, I’ve made sesame candied almonds using maple and brown rice syrup before and immediately thought about bringing a batch of those to share soon. Your version would be right up my walnut-loving [to me, they taste the same as pecans … woops] colleague’s alley. And I fully agree on the generous amount of maple in here.

  3. ohh…they look so define. Wish i could just pop them into my mouth. Great job!

  4. I LOVE pecans! They’re my favorite nut, unfortunately they’re so expensive… I can’t believe it’s already christmas either.

  5. caileejoy says:

    You are so cute!! “I don’t like nuts resembling brains!” :) …this is a great recipe! Lovely! Good luck with your thesis! I also don’t finish up finals and head home till the 19th!

  6. As soon as I read your nuts as brains comment I had to double check, and sure enough you’re right! Just like raisins are wrinkly old people;-) I feel the same way about the unusual lack of Christmas spirit-it doesn’t feel like the holidays when everything is so busy! These candied pecans look absolutely delicious; I bet they’d be especially good atop morning oatmeal or straight out of the oven. Thanks for sharing this pretty recipe, Josefine!

  7. Oh wow, these look delicious! I’m traveling in Asia the moment, but once I get back home to Norway I’m going to make these!

  8. lisa says:

    Love this and all of your recipes. Thank you for the beautiful site and quality recipes you post. It must be difficult to make the time for this on top of your busy school schedule. I hope the fact that you have many international followers validates your efforts. You do an excellent job!

  9. These look super cute! Love the flavours, so christmassy! Definitely making a batch soon! :D

  10. I can’t believe how easy candied nuts are… I had no idea! I need to make these this season! I have a huge research paper this year too, but mine’s not due until March! I can’t wait for it to be over! Beautiful pictures.. these look like the nuts I always get at the fair every year!

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